Addiction Counseling Steps

You are dealing with an addiction and have finally decided it’s time to get help. Whether it is a drug addiction or alcoholism, there are 12 core functions a substance counselor follows to help you achieve the success you so desperately desire. At our counseling center we follow these 12 core functions, always remembering that every client is an individual with specific needs and concerns. Do not confuse these 12 core functions with a 12 step program, they are not the same.Narconon Fresh Start

The first step the counselor will take with you is called screening. This is basically the counselor’s first evaluation with you. They will assess your psychological, sociological and social symptoms that are related to your substance abuse. This is done to determine whether treatment is necessary and what individual path to take with you.

The next step is known as intake, basically deciding that you are in need of counseling and setting up sessions with one of our counselors.

Next is the orientation phase, which does exactly what it states. It familiarizes you with our counseling process and goes over the goals we wish to achieve during your counseling sessions. Familiarizing you with the process helps alleviate any stress or concerns you may be feeling.Narconon Fresh Start

It is now time for the assessment phase, where the counselor gets down to the nitty-gritty with you. This is when the counselor gets to know you and your history including things not related to substance abuse. We perform this through interviews, testing and evaluating the medical records available.

Next is a crucial part of your care. This is when we establish your treatment plan. Both you and the counselor work together to identify the problems that needs to be resolved. You then discuss the treatment plan and do not proceed until you both agree on the short-term and long-term goals you have set for yourself.

As counseling phase begins the counselor assists you by examining your actions and problems. Doing this the counselor helps you see the consequences of your substance abuse and the destructive behaviors it may cause. During the counseling you both come up with solutions that you agree upon and also agree that you will be held accountable if these solutions are not met. At Narconon fresh start you implement your treatment plan together.Narconon Fresh Start

Case management in then done, which allows the counselor and other persons involved in your care to get together and coordinate services for you. This is done after the treatment plan has been established to make sure that everyone is working together with your best interests in mind.

Crisis intervention is a crucial part of your treatment. In this situation the counselor takes immediate action to help you if any crisis should arise during your treatment.

It is also the counselor’s responsibility to provide resource information to you, which could include things like groups that you can join with the same issues as yourself. This is done to educate you about the resources and services available to you other than individual counseling.

Finding the right counseler for you

When it comes to counseling there are many options available. However most people don't know the amount of choices they have. Choosing the right counselor for you is important. Possibly the most important choice you ever make.

So let us help you. Email us at the link below to begin.